Drugs safety

Monitoring of the company’s drugs safety.

“Karagandinskiy pharmatsevticheskiy Komplex” LLC cares for the quality of its products and safety of the consumers’ health.

Following etical principals and requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Karagandinskiy pharmatsevticheskiy Komplex” LLC collects and analyses information about adverse effects о побочных действиях, unexpected adverse drug reaction, LOE of its products.

If you have information about adverse effects caused by use of products of “Karagandinskiy pharmatsevticheskiy Komplex” LLC, please fill in the electronic form of the Message about an adverse effect that can be found at our web-site, or call the person responsible for the pharmacovigilance by the following phone number: +7 (7212) 90–80–51.

Message about an adverse effect of a medical product