Used in the project technologies correspond to all regulatory documents and requirements of “Rules of production and quality control of medical products” GMP ЕU.

Due to strict requirements to the quality and safety of produced pharmaceutical products we use advanced technological equipment of the leading European manufacturers:

- “BOSCH” (Germany) – line for aseptic filling of vials and cartridges;

-  “GEA” (Germany)  - freeze drying equipment;

-  “OPTIMA” (Germany) – line for sterile filling of prefilled syringe;

-  “ROTA” (Germany) , “ROMACO” (Germany)  - site of secondary packing of medical products.

Initial productive capacity of “Karagandinskiy pharmatsevticheskiy Komplex” LLC is 4 million packages annually, this covers needs of the republic health care subject to special groups of drugs and allows to enter export market.



Productive capacity are represented by three equipment processing lines for production of finished medical products:

- sterile freeze dried injectants in vials;

- sterile liquid injectants in cartridges and vials;

- sterile liquid injectants in prefilled syringes.

The whole production process is automated ad controlled by united programme SCADA, all parameters of the production process are registered and archived, this allows to minimize the “human factor”.

One of the priority directions is constant improvement of production technological lines, development and introduction of high technology processes for manufacture of innovative products.

Quality of the medical products planned for production meet requirements of all regulations and rules applicable at the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and this ensures competitiveness of the products and correspondence to ecological parameters.